Bernhard Keller


Life path

Together with the parish council of the Catholic Church Buchs SG-Grabs, I was able to plan an exciting assignment with regard to the church festival on June 14, 2015, and implement it together with experts and volunteers.
The motto was "Concrete" because in 2015 the current church designed by Justus Dahinden has existed for 50 years.
A comprehensive documentation of the
development process of this work is
to see here: Life path

Bernhard Keller Life path
Bernhard Keller Life path
Bernhard Keller Life path

My work is called "life path". Plants and flowers are already growing in the gravel filled areas. And many children are balancing over the narrow footbridges. At the church festival, my work was completed by filling the tubes with colored mortar balls painted by children and adults.

The last picture shows how this work was created.

There are further works in public space to see here.

Bernhard Keller life path

Bernhard Keller
Schulhausstrasse 26
CH-9470 Buchs SG

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